There really is never a bad time to visit Gatlinburg because no matter the season there is always something to do.  Even the winter months are generally fairly mild, and the summer months tend to see less humidity than nearby areas, thanks to the higher elevation of the much-loved town.  But regardless of the weather, whichever season you decide to visit, the most important thing is the activities that take place during any given season.  Here we will give you a run-down of what each season looks like, as well as a list of some activities for winter, spring, summer and fall.


Gatlinburg in the Winter

The coldest part of the winter in Gatlinburg is from November through February, but the average temperatures are not as cold as you might think considering the towns higher elevation.  Temperatures rarely dip below 30 degrees and can even get as high as the mid 50s quite often.  The milder temperatures don’t take away from the area’s top winter activities though, and visitors come from all over to enjoy skiing and snowboarding at the Ober Gatlinburg Ski Resort.  Many travelers also come to Gatlinburg to hike and take other tours through the great Smoky Mountains during the winter months.  In addition, there are numerous events that take place during the winter season.  Some of these include:


Gatlinburg in the Spring

While early spring in Gatlinburg can still be a bit chilly, it’s a good time to get a vacation on a budget and still be able to enjoy plenty of activities.  In later spring it warms up and temperatures can get as high as the mid 60s on a regular basis.  April and May are fantastic months to visit if you want to see the vibrant flowers begin to bloom.  It’s also a good time to shed that cabin fever that builds up over the winter months by exploring the Smokies in milder temperatures.  Spring also marks the beginning of event season and there is plenty to do in addition to the many outdoor activities that are much more enjoyable in the mild weather of a Gatlinburg spring.  Some of the events and festivals visitors can enjoy include:


Gatlinburg in the Summer

Summer is the most popular season to visit Gatlinburg, and for good reason.  The weather is warm, but not too warm, due to its elevation which reduces the humidity normally felt at lower elevations.  Temperatures during the summer months hover in the 80s range on average, but the lack of humidity makes it feel mild for being the hottest months of the year.  The warmer weather makes for a great time to enjoy water sports, mountain activities, farmer’s markets and outdoor festivals.  For those looking for something a little more cultural, there are plenty of events to take part in throughout the summer.  A few of the top events include:


Gatlinburg in the Fall

Perhaps the best season, according to many locals and visitors, is the fall.  This is when the Smoky Mountains and surrounding areas, including Gatlinburg, come alive with color and the crisp cool air is a welcome reprieve from the warm summer.  Early September is still considerably warm in the daytime, often in the low 80s, but as October nears it turns into the perfect weather to get in those last outdoor adventures before the winter.  Whether you wish to enjoy nature, listen to some great music or can’t wait to indulge in some of the local delicious fall flavors there is an activity or event for you.  Some of the much-anticipated fall events in Gatlinburg include:

Some tourist destinations get all of their visitors during one specific time of the year, maybe because it is a beach town or a ski town for example.  But Gatlinburg is a year-round destination for tourists who love history and love the great outdoors even more.  The fresh mountain air is good for the mind, body and soul any time of the year and since Gatlinburg is always hosting one event or another there is always something to experience.