Gatlinburg Restaurants We Love

When it comes to traveling, it seems that no matter where we visit, we are inclined to immerse ourselves in the local culture through food, and those who visit Gatlinburg will not be disappointed.  The town with just over 4,000 people is home to many great restaurants serving a diverse array of delicious food.  From good old-fashioned comfort food served in a rustic atmosphere to upscale establishments serving steaks and seafood – there is something for every appetite in Gatlinburg.  Here we will list just a few Gatlinburg hotspots and tell you what we love about these local and visitor favorites.

Crockett’s Breakfast Camp
In a town where breakfast reigns supreme Crockett’s Breakfast Camp could surely be in the running to be crowned king. The much-loved eatery pays tribute to the famous Davy Crockett, who, along with his wife, was known for feeding hungry travelers.  Pulling inspiration from the many flavors of the region, visitors will leave well-fed and with a lasting impression of tasty Tennessee home cooking.

The Peddler Steakhouse
The setting for the Peddler Steakhouse, which sits just outside of the Smokies, is quintessential Tennessee mountain scenery. This, as well as the restaurant’s superior commitment to quality, is why the Peddler Steakhouse has been popular among travelers and locals alike for nearly half a century.  Along with premium cuts of beef, the restaurant also offers a fairly extensive wine list and a wide variety of desserts.

Log Cabin Pancake House
Although there are plenty of places to get a good breakfast around Gatlinburg, Log Cabin Pancake House is definitely one of our favorites. One reason is that it fits perfectly within the scenery, but more importantly, they serve up some of the best flapjacks and crepes in town.  They also serve some delicious sandwiches, making it a great choice any time of the day.

Red Oak Bistro
Just because you’re in Tennessee doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the authentic flavors of Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean. Red Oak Bistro uses ingredients that are locally sourced to bring a little taste of faraway cuisine to the smokies.  In addition to great food, this unique hotspot also features an extensive wine list and an impressive list of whiskies and beers as well.

Cherokee Grill
Cherokee Grill is a restaurant that honors the history of the region not only with their food but with the restaurant’s atmosphere as well. Visitors will have the opportunity so sink their teeth into deliciously prepared savory steaks and seafood.  The bonus is the chance to get a glimpse of Cherokee history through real artifacts displayed throughout the restaurant.

There are too many great restaurants in Gatlinburg to possibly list them all and tell you everything that we love about them.  The fine establishments listed above have proven time and time again that good service, quality, great regional flavors and atmosphere are all necessary elements in providing a great Gatlinburg experience.  Whether you live in Gatlinburg or you’re just passing through town, everyone has to eat, so why not enjoy one of the many great restaurants loved by locals for their superior commitment to all of these.